Time For An Upgrade

pc upgrade, hardware install, graphics card installYour PC is starting to show its age, it’s a feeling we’re all too familiar with. It’s just not the same any more. Perhaps it’s taking too long to load things or struggling to run multiple programs. Perhaps you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 and it’s taking an age to boot. Or maybe you don’t meet the minimum requirements to play that game you’ve been eagerly anticipating. Either way, it’s probably time for an upgrade.


What Should I Upgrade?

What’s important to remember is you don’t always need to buy a completely new system. Depending on the age of your computer, and what you use it for, upgrading some of the parts inside might be a more cost effective option. I work on the assumption that component prices depreciate by 25% every year, so depending on the existing parts you have, you may be able to swap out some of your old ones for something better and often vastly increase the power of your computer at the fraction of the cost of the original value.


What If I Need Something New?

If your old system is toast, or you’re certain you want something more modern, then I can advise you on the best parts to meet your requirements. It may be worthwhile considering a new Motherboard, Processor and Memory bundle to drag your PC into the 21st century, or a new Power Supply and Graphics Card combination, so you can play the latest games. Whatever your needs, I can offer unbiased, impartial advice.


Upgrade Examples

  • RAM/Memory – This would provide a performance boost for photo or video editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Premiere.
  • CPU/Processor – Upgrading the CPU can give a noticeable overall quality of life performance boost in the Windows environment.
  • GPU/Graphics Card – If you want to play more modern games, upgrading your graphics card be the answer you’re looking for.
  • Hard Drive – If you’re running out of storage space then a new or additional hard drive should resolve this.
  • SSD/Solid State Drive – Probably the single biggest performance boost on the market. Your PC will boot to Windows in seconds and load programs faster than ever.
  • CPU Cooler/Fans – Cleaning or replacing the CPU cooler and case fans in a computer is an effective way of reducing both the noise and temperature of a system.


If you have a specific upgrade or component in mind, please call or text me on 07578 741 366 and I’ll be happy to put a quote together for you to consider.


Price starts at £40 – Full price list can be found HERE

With my Upgrade service, you will get:


  • Door to door service. I’m a mobile technician so I aim to install your upgrades in the comfort of your own home.
  • Fixed price. No hidden costs and no nasty surprises. I will let you know of any factors which may affect price, before carrying out the work.
  • Honest, impartial advice. I’m not out to make a quick quid, my business is built on honesty and trust.
  • On-going support. No matter what technical questions you have now or in the future, I’m here to help you.

Email: sean@sposystems.co.uk – Call or Text: 07578 741 366

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