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overclocking, liquid cooling, watercoolingAre you looking at increasing the power of your desktop computer? My overclocking service might be just what you’re looking for.


What Is Overclocking?

Overclocking is the process of tweaking and pushing components like Processors or Graphics Cards beyond their default factory settings. It’s a deliberate act, performed to squeeze more power into a system, without needing to physically upgrade any parts. It’s a delicate balance between an increase in power consumption and heat production.


What’s The Point?

There are many reasons why people choose to overclock their systems. However, the end goal is always the same – to make a computer more powerful. My most popular clients are people with expensive, enthusiast grade Gaming PCs, who want to squeeze every inch of power out of their system. A popular reason for this is to give them a performance edge when playing. Imagine if you had the most powerful processor on the market, overclocking would be the only option to further increase the power of your system.


These type of computers often have advanced liquid coolers, often AIO (All In One) over the counter cooling solutions like the Corsair Hydro Series. Sometimes they even have bespoke, custom built, fully liquid cooled loops. These powerful systems offer enhanced cooling potential, which is good news for overclockers.


Overclocking, Braided Cables, PCIEWhy Choose SPO Systems?

I’ve worked on some of the biggest and most powerful computers in the UK. I designed, built and overclocked systems like the Vibox OVERKILL, Killer V and Rampage, among others, video build logs for which can be found on YouTube. These were, at the time, record breaking systems costing tens of thousands of pounds, vastly outperforming competitors and reaching top ten placings on leader board sites like the Futuremark Hall of Fame. My experience and methodical approach to achieving high level overclocks allows me to push components far beyond their stock limits. The results achieved by these systems are testament to that.


How Much Does It Cost?

Overclocking is a laborious, time consuming task, and systems must be left running soak tests, often for days. Therefore this is reflected in the price. I will always ask to carry out overclocking services in my workshop, this way I can properly monitor the computer over the space of a few days. Once a stable maximum has been achieved, I will lock in the settings in the BIOS and save a loadable profile, should anything ever go wrong you can easily re-apply the overclock at the touch of a button. Providing the system and cooling you have is sufficient for overclocking, I charge the following prices:


Overclock CPU to safe maximum: £200

Overclock GPU to safe maximum: £150


I can also upgrade your system or offer advice if you’re looking at delving into the world of overclocking. If you would like to discuss or are interested in my overclocking service, please call or text me on 07578 741 366.

Email: sean@sposystems.co.uk – Call or Text: 07578 741 366

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