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Laptop Repair, Laptop MotherboardLaptops are great, you can take them just about anywhere. You can work while on the train, catch up on emails while watching TV or even watch a movie in bed. Unfortunately this portability is also their downfall. Laptops don’t fare well from being dropped, and tend to suck up dust and particles when on your lap. These two things alone are the cause of the majority of issues I see with laptop computers.


How I Can Help

I specialise in laptop repairs and nothing makes me happier than having a laptop in pieces, strewn across my workbench. From physical damage as a result of being dropped, to overheating from being completely clogged with dust and dirt, no matter how bad you think it is, I can probably fix it for you. The best bit? It’s probably cheaper than you think.


What I Do

I’m a highly experienced repair technician and can affordably diagnose and repair many common issues with laptop computers. I will aim to repair most software related issues in your home, however physical damage repairs may require more work. As with the way laptops are assembled, often they will need to be dismantled so I can take a good look inside. Therefore with physical damage repairs I will likely request to collect the laptop from you to perform the repair in my workshop, so that I have the time, space and tools to do the best job.


Common Laptop Faults and Repairs

I deal with a multitude of issues with broken laptop computers, but some of the most common issues I come across include:


Physical Damage

It’s easy to accidentally drop your Laptop and they don’t tend to fare well from it. When your laptop has physical damage it can look like the end of the line, but thankfully most of the time the parts which are susceptible to damage are usually easily replaceable. I can fix and repair most laptop damage, such as:

  • Hinges – Stiff, bent or broken hinges resulting in a damaged, broken or detached lid.
  • Fascias– Broken, cracked or scratched fascias or casing, usually as a result a drop or from general wear and tear.
  • Screen – I can easily replace a broken or cracked laptop screen.
  • Screws – Snapped screws or holes are common result from being dropped and can result in your laptop literally “falling apart”.
  • Keyboard – Keyboard damage or missing keys. Things like a spilled drink can result in keys sticking or not working.
  • Track Pad – Track pads and buttons can easily wear resulting in buttons not working.


Other Common Issues

  • Boot Error/ No Boot – Your laptop won’t boot or is displaying a black screen showing “Drive not found” or “Hard Drive not detected”.
  • No Power/ Power Cycling – Laptops may switch themselves off after a few seconds. This is also known as a boot loop.
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) – When your computer unexpectedly crashes and displays a blue error screen.
  • Heat/ Overheating – If your fans are noisy or the computer is powering off unexpectedly, it’s usually because your laptop is overheating.
  • Beeping – A series of unexpected beeps (beep codes) coming from inside the computer usually indicate a system fault.
  • Faulty Ports – Connection ports broken not working, such as Audio, USB, Ethernet, VGA, DVI or HDMI.
  • Damaged DC/ Charging Port – It’s very common for a charging port to break off inside or only work if the cable is held in a specific way.
  • Battery Issues – Battery not charging or poor battery life, often resulting in the laptop wont work unless it’s plugged in.
  • WIFI or Internet – Can not connect to the internet or WIFI not working, or with an intermittent connection.
  • Error Messages – Unexpected popups in Windows may suggest the presence of a virus other malicious software.
  • Corrupted Drivers – You may experience video driver crashes, programs not loading or external devices or peripherals such as keyboard and mouse not working.
  • Low FPS – Video game performance may be lower than expected. Issues such as low frame rates, lagging/stuttering or crashing to desktop during games.
  • Slow/ Freezing – Taking a very long time to boot or load files and/ or freezing for no apparent reason.
  • CD/ DVD Drive – Broken CD or DVD drive tray or not burning/ reading disks means you may require an inexpensive replacement drive.


Simple issues can be fixed on site but most will be completed in my workshop. I offer a mobile, door to door service so your laptop will be collected and returned directly to your door, saving you the hassle of hauling your system to a local computer shop. SPO Systems is a mobile service, providing support to the whole of Manchester. Whether you live in Stockport, Tameside, Levenshulme or Ashton, I’m happy to help.


Price starts at £40 – Full price list can be found HERE

With my Laptop Computer Repair service you will get:


  • Door to door service. Either on site repairs in the comfort of your own home, or a free collect and return service.
  • Fixed price. No hidden costs and no nasty surprises. I will let you know of any factors which may affect price, before carrying out the work.
  • Honest, impartial advice. I’m not out to make a quick quid, my business is built on honesty and trust.
  • On-going support. No matter what technical questions you have now or in the future, I’m here to help you.


Email: – Call or Text: 07578 741 366

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