I broke my laptop screen, AGAIN!

laptop screen replacement

It’s one of the most common issues I deal with at SPO, in fact it was my number one call out in 2018. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your tech, all it takes is a split second lapse in concentration and you’ve closed the lid with something sat on the keyboard. It’s usually a USB stick or a set of headphones, but I’ve seen cups, screws and even thin air. That’s right, laptop screens can break with less force than it would take to bend a plastic straw.

I use my laptop a lot, and I’ve done it myself enough times to know how frustrating it is. Enough times for it to make “what type of screen it has” a deciding factor for me when purchasing a laptop computer. The first type I will never purchase, is a touch screen. Replacement touch screen panels are, first and foremost, a pain to source.

Many times when I’ve had to replace a touch screen assembly, I’ve had to get a replacement imported from China, which can take weeks which is not an option. That leaves you with the option of self assembly, a task in itself, since most touch panels these days are stuck together with adhesive. Often comprising of three parts, the LCD screen, the digitiser and a bezel. Sticking the bezel on isn’t much of a problem, but attaching the screen to the digitiser is an absolute nightmare. Requiring unprecedented levels of patience and skill to perfectly centre the screen on the top layer of glass, before lowering it into place. Remember, you only get one shot at this, because of the adhesive, so if it’s not perfect then there’s a slim chance of getting off without damaging something. There are methods which make this easier, but for the most part, it’s a pain.

I will also never buy a high end gaming laptop, primarily because they can have gimmicks built into the screens which may make them more expensive, or in the case of some of the ASUS ROG series, simple modifications of pre-existing panels, making them proprietary, which means they can cost up to four times as much. Also, some of Dell’s Alienware models require a partial dismantle to perform a simple screen replacement, which is why I also avoid those.

But, that’s just a small number of laptops. Most of the time, when your screen breaks, it can be quickly and easily replaced with a readily available part. The best idea though, is to just look after your computer. Don’t carry it by the lid, don’t slam it closed or let the cat use it as a bed, and always put it in a laptop bag when you’re travelling.

If you do manage to break it though, then give me a call on 07578 741 366, I’ll be happy to help, even if it’s a touch screen.

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