AVG LogoAVG Antivirus and Internet Security

Protect all of your personal devices with a best-in-class service from AVG, with built in virus, ransomware, email, personal, family and payment protection technology. Complete with automatic updates and real time threat analysis, AVG is the first line of defence for your computer.

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Teamviewer Logo

Teamviewer – Remote Support Application

Once installed and configured, this software will allow a technician to remotely control your computer to offer support over the internet, without the need for a visit.

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Who Crashed Logo WhoCrashed – Crash Dump Analysis

WhoCrashed, by Resplendence, is a useful tool for analysing crash dumps. Crash dumps are messages which are left behind after a Blue Screen of Death error. This software can translate crash dumps into an easily readable report, which can be analysed by a technician.

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