Custom Computers – Pre Built or Build Your Own?

desktop computer repair

computer is not a small or easy purchase. In fact, there are so many options available I’d say it’s downright confusing. I think pre-built computers have a somewhat bad reputation, going back a couple of decades, but gone are the days where your Packard Bell desktop would come with a printer, scanner and jam packed with “bloatware”. A Custom Built PC might be the answer.

Bloatware was/is “free” games or software packages, included to make it look like, to the untrained eye, that you’re getting more for your money. Most of the time the software was something you absolutely didn’t need and the scanner would never be used. The biggest problem wasn’t that you were in fact secretly paying for the privilege, but that underneath the dispassionate list of extras, more often than not the computer itself was rather mediocre.

Today you will still see extras bundled with custom built computers, however the industry is so ruthlessly competitive that often it’s not worth the risk of charging even a few pounds more for an antivirus or webcam, when all the consumer wants is bang for buck on their computer. After all, you can now easily shop around and buy all the extras and software you want separately.

Build it yourself?

Of course the new trend is to build your own computer, after all, it saves you money because you’re not paying someone else to do it for you. On top of that, it’s really easy and there are a tonne of guides and videos out there to show you how. Today we have websites like PCPartPicker which mean that, even for a complete novice, it’s almost impossible to choose incompatible parts. After a few hours you’ve got yourself a brand new computer made from quality parts and saved yourself a few quid.

Buy a pre-made?

I know from experience that a lot of system integrators will make far less profit than you might think, the ethos being quantity over quality. I’ve seen SI’s making less than £10 profit on computers just to make sales, at peak times you’ll see 10/ 15/ 20 low paid workers all endlessly throwing computers together in around 20 minutes. When you’re dealing with numbers like this, then every pound counts towards maximising profits. This often translates into lower quality parts being used or corners being cut, after all, they have things like wages, rent and rates to pay.

In this instance a desktop PC will probably cost near the same as if you built it yourself, if not cheaper, the caveat being that you receive a computer with last generation hardware and several unbranded components. These components may well be tested and thoroughly safe, but the overruling reason most of the components in your computer are there is because they were the cheapest available at the time of ordering. The term “you get what you pay for” rings very true in this instance.

Is it worth it then?

There are several reasons why someone would buy a pre-build desktop computer, the main being convenience and support.

With a pre-built computer you get the convenience of someone else doing the work for you and having everything set up in advance. You literally unpack it, plug it in and away you go. You also have the added bonus of technical support on the end of the phone, so if something ever did go wrong, you can call someone for help. The biggest issue being that most of the time, if something has gone wrong, you’ll need to send the whole thing back, usually at your own cost. I dread having to send anything through the post, never mind having to box up and return a weighty computer. This will potentially leave you without a PC for several weeks.

That’s where I come in.

If you’ve bought a pre-built computer online already and need help, then just give me a call. If you’re not yet taken the plunge, then choosing my assembly service will mean you get to choose every single component which goes into your PC. I can talk you through the best options for your needs and budget, future-proofing and offer guidance as well as tips and tricks. Each system is treated as an individual, and I will assemble and test every single component to make sure it’s working perfectly. A truly personal service comes with personal support, and as I primarily work as a mobile computer technician, I’m always on hand to help when you need it most. I offer lifetime technical support for as long as you use the computer, and I will even help you choose your upgrades in the future and install them at a discounted price.

If you’d like to discuss the unlimited options available to you with my custom assembly service, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07578 741 366 and I’ll do whatever I can to help.