I broke my laptop screen, AGAIN!

laptop screen replacement

It’s one of the most common issues I deal with at SPO, in fact it was my number one call out in 2018. It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your tech, all it takes is a split second lapse in concentration and you’ve closed the lid with something sat on the keyboard. It’s usually a USB stick or a set of headphones, but I’ve seen cups, screws and even thin air. That’s right, laptop screens can break with less force than it would take to bend a plastic straw.

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Custom Computers – Pre Built or Build Your Own?

desktop computer repair

computer is not a small or easy purchase. In fact, there are so many options available I’d say it’s downright confusing. I think pre-built computers have a somewhat bad reputation, going back a couple of decades, but gone are the days where your Packard Bell desktop would come with a printer, scanner and jam packed with “bloatware”. A Custom Built PC might be the answer.

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