What is SPO Systems?

sean orwin

Hello, my name is Sean and I’m an IT Technician based in Hyde, Greater Manchester. Having worked for seven years with a System Integrator, designing, assembling and repairing computers, I felt the urge to try something different. I started SPO Systems because I wanted to use my skills to shape my own career and to help local people with their IT problems.


In a nutshell, SPO Systems is a mobile IT Support service. I travel around Manchester fixing peoples computers and IT related problems. I’m based at my home in Hyde, but I work primarily on the road. I travel to local residents and businesses in Manchester and do a lot of my work on site.


My experience in the industry.

I’ve worked in many different areas of the IT Industry, from assembling basic computers, tech support, PC diagnosis and repair to marketing, liquid cooling and overclocking. This jack of all trades method has helped me develop my knowledge and skills, making this type of diverse work ideal for my abilities. However my passion, and where I truly specialise, is in PC and Laptop repair. I take no greater pleasure than dismantling old, damaged systems and making them work again. By working for myself, I get to utilise all of the above, and get to meet some really great people.


How much do you charge?

I don’t have to pay for expensive office space or a shop front, which means I can keep my prices lower than my competitors. Savings which I pass on to my customers.


I want to be your go-to guy for tech support.

I’ve seen first hand how frustrating it when your computer breaks, and how infuriating it can be trying to get it fixed. I want to make things as easy as possible for you. Using my contacts in the IT Industry, I can secure excellent prices on components, savings which I will always pass on to my customers. I’m not out to take advantage of those less technical, or to make a quick buck. I want to uphold my reputation by building lasting relationships with my customers, relationships based on honesty and integrity.


That’s one of the reasons I don’t charge a call out fee. I want to give you the best possible price and sometimes I need to take a look in order to do so. All of my quotes are zero obligation and I will put no pressure on you to accept. So no matter what your problem, you can call or text me on 07578 741 366 any day of the week, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Email: sean@sposystems.co.uk – Call or Text: 07578 741 366